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My creative process is based on a big research about the space and human condition through the organic and geometric shapes and through several artistic supports like sculpture, drawing and installation. The body always fragmented becomes the central theme of each of my proposals.


This poetic art is expressed in my sculptures through an eminent procedure that places the figure in a conversation with the real space, previously framed and along with other objects from our daily life. The space aims to be the container and constitutive part at the same time, but in both cases the work’s autonomy stands out regarding the place the audience occupies in that space. I make a selection of non-definitive, ephemeral or fragile materials and I visualize the internal structures typical of the technical means of the sculptural process. The creative work continues with the transformation and deterioration these materials undergo, giving a temporary dimension in the “still time” of the sculptural representation.


In the case of the drawings, it is strictly linked to the motivations related to the sculpture process, being a preliminary stage of it. However, a great part of my bi-dimensional creation has an autonomous nature as a plastic work and it articulates the typical elements of this kind of representation. The illusion of a controlled space within the limits of this format is the main character in the drama of figures. In other drawings, the space opens and becomes more atmospheric; it dissolves the shapes to become a constituent part of them. In no case it is about project illusionism. I am interested in the liberty of a more subjective area where to unfold a world of intense and arbitrary representations.


Recently, I have carried out a production of installations bases on the great structures made in wood. In them, I try to contain a part of the space that surrounds me in order to create specific receptive and temporary dwellings that will help me better understand the content of my work. These pieces allow me to easily intervene in places I consider not in accord with my usual environment and that gives me a great range to question my own movement.






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