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In my artistic practice, I employ the human body as the primary vehicle for conveying my ideas. By utilizing materials such as wood, plaster, clay, concrete, and oil, I conjure figures that seamlessly navigate the realms of reality and fiction, encompassing a wide range of aesthetics from classical to modernist. These beings embody a captivating corporeality, bearing the visible imprints of their creation. Purposefully left rough and unfinished, and at times distorted, they serve as a gateway into the intricate dynamics of power and vulnerability inherent in contemporary society. It is through their disconcerting and grotesque nature that I explore these themes.

The creatures portrayed in my work act as narrative vessels in a perpetual state of transformation. They oscillate between ghostly apparitions and monstrous beings, often embodying classical forms inspired by artists from the 20th and 21st centuries while channeling my own dreams and personal experiences. They assume the roles of protectors, monsters, and embodiments of our deepest myths. Their profound connection to life and death permeates my artistic exploration, frequently depicted through the metamorphosis from flesh to bones, across various series. 

Photo by Javier Caso.jpg


Photo by Javier Caso

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