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In my work, the human body is the core and the principal tool which I use to express my ideas. Using materials ranging from the classical to the modernist sculpture, including carved wood, plaster, clay, concrete, and oil stick, I create figures which move easily between the states of reality and fiction. These figures express an almost obsessive corporality, rife with the traces of their making. The unfinished and rough, sometimes distorted, appearances of my work allow me to explore the states of power and vulnerability that are present in today’s society, and to interpret these states in a disturbing and grotesque way.


These creatures in my work, are in the process of transformation, sometimes into ghosts, sometimes into monsters, and most of them emerge from my dreams, and my personal memories. Their association with life and death has a strong presence as I move through different cycles in my work. These cyclical works show a steep physicality, which is both agitating and visceral, and therefore explain the presence of the skulls or the transitions from flesh to bones.


Often my works derive deeply from the history of art, taking as reference points particular artists from the 20th and 21st centuries. These influences often converge in a formal or conceptual manner in my work. All my creations express the narrative possibilities of the human body, appearing in many varying situations and in conflicts. The sharing of these artists’ works inspires me to depict situations relating to my own time.

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Photo by Javier Caso

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